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Single-Stream Recycle Service

Monument Waste Single-Stream Recycle Service

Commercial & Residential Services

We are pleased to be the only service provider in the Grand Junction and Moab Service Areas to offer Single-Stream Recycle Collection.

What’s Single-Stream Recycling, it’s a collection program that allows you to mix all acceptable recycle items you have into our convenient Recycle Polycart, that’s right, no more sorting your recyclables…. just Rinse – Toss and Go.

We offer this service to our Commercial and Residential customers, it’s our way of making recycling easy for both you the customer, and us the collection company.

Single Stream has proven to be a great addition to recycle collection companies and customers to aid in improving participation in recycle programs, while helping to reduce / divert the amount of waste that ends up in our local landfills.

Here’s a list of the “Acceptable” Recycle Items we are currently collecting in our Single Stream Collection Program

  • Glass Bottles & Jars – all colors (Please Rinse Before Recycling)
  • Metals – All Aluminum and Tin Cans – and Empty Aerosol Cans.
  • Plastic Containers – Bottles, Jugs, Tubs, Jars: All Containers Must Be Emptied and Washed.
  • Paper Products – Flattened Corrugated Cardboard Newspapers and Inserts, Junk Mail, Catalogs, Phone Books Chip Board = Cereal Boxes, Beer Cartons, Coated Juice and Liquid Containers (please rinse before recycling), Office Paper (any color and no need to remove staples or paper clips)


Here’s a list of items that are “Not Acceptable” and will not be collected in our Single Stream Collection Program

  • No Plastic Bags – When recycle items are placed in plastic bags it becomes very time consuming for the hard-working people hand sorting the material to break or cut open every bag, therefore hampering our ability to provide the recycle processor a good product that is easily sorted. It also doesn’t allow our drivers to properly see what they are collecting, our drivers are the eyes of our collection program, and we count heavily on them to clean the recycle stream to ensure we minimize as much trash and contamination as possible.
  • NO – Ceramics, Light Bulbs Plates, Pots & Pans Pyrex Dishes Window Glass Windshields
  • NO – Styrofoam, Blocks Cups Peanuts Sheets, To Go Containers
  • NO – Plastic Items #7 PLA, Bubble Wrap Compostable Bags Plastic Buckets or Pails Plastic Six Pack Holders, Plastic Toys, Plastic Wrap
  • NO – Polystyrene #6, Clam Shells, Plastic Cups, Plastic Plates, Plastic Utensils
  • NO – Napkins Paper Towels, Shredded Paper, Tissue & Toilet Paper
  • NO – Used Paper Products, Food Containers, Oil-Grease Cartons, Paper Cups – Coated Paper Plates, Pizza Boxes Waxed Paper
  • NO – Medical Waste, Syringes of any kind, face masks
  • NO – Large Metal or Steel Items, Wire, Fencing, Poles, Pans, Buckets, BBQ Grills, Rims, Appliances

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COVID-19   –  Service Guidelines for Trash and Recycle Collections

To our valued customers, as we continue to provide essential waste and recycle collection services to our community we would ask that you please follow these simple, but important guidelines.

* Please bag all trash, we will not collect any loose trash.

* Place all trash in our dedicated Trash Cart or your Customer Provided Trash Can, this helps our route personnel by limiting the amount of trash/waste they come into contact with, bagged and containerized waste drastically reduces our contact and helps reduce exposure to everyone, including you.

* Pay extra attention to what you place in your Recycle Cart for collection. Our route drivers screen and clean our recyclables as they perform collection services and must pull out contamination items by hand, we would like to minimize their exposure of handling loose materials as much as possible.

* Minimize close contact with our route personnel and please maintain a 6′ safe distance for your own protection as well as ours.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding, we will work diligently to continue with our important collection services, but we need everyone’s help in keeping our employees safe and healthy during these unknown times.

Thank you,

Dan & Bonnie Kirkpatrick